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With 50 years’ expertise in RF systems, Rosenberger offers a total package of In-Building Solution which includes :  

· Indoor antenna
· Feeder cable
· Jumper
· Connectors & adapters
· Lightning surge arresters
· Grounding kit
· Power splitter
· Coupler
· Combiner
· Attenuator
· Termination load



Rosenberger In-Building solution is already successfully being used in CDMA, GSM900, GSM1800 and 3G In-Building System in South-East Asia region.

Modern Design Concept
Every indoor wireless coverage project that our customers require is built on the experiences and solid theoretical knowledge of our engineers. Through testing devices, field inspections and optimizing systems, the Rosenberger In-Building Solution guarantees excellent wireless coverage performance.

Thorough Test Condition
All Rosenberger devices and equipments have passed various product property tests and environmental tests. 100% VSWR, IMD3 and Return Loss tests are performed. Various environmental tests, involving high/low temperature, air tightness, humidity and salt mist make the In-Building Solution with stand most demanding environments.

Excellent Service
Users of Rosenberger In-Building Solution will enjoy excellent services through Rosenberger. No matter what stage the projects reach, pre-sale, on-sale or after-sale, Rosenberger guarantees rapid responses, professional technical supports and effective solutions. Rosenberger always dedicates itself to supplying high quality products at competitive prices.


Aomyx focuses on niche products for Operators and OEM's globally. Our extensive range of products include CDMA800, GSM900, GSM1800,CDMA1900, UMTS2000 and Wimax antenna.


Aomyx has offices across the United Kingdom, Thailand and India, with the largest manufacturing facility across South East Asia. With one of the best Technical Support Teams available we aim to provide the best service and quality products to our client base.

Aomyx core competency is in the design and manufacture Antenna systems for cellular networks, specialising in PIM compliant Antenna Products. The X-Cell range has industry leading PIM specifications which puts Aomyx at the forefront of providing quality Antennas globally.

We also are a specialist RF Testing House which is regularly being utilised by blue chip companies to audit and verify a range of RF Products. Our modular design approach and experienced development staff mean that we are able to provide special products to address your particular requirements with a short development time.
Our extensive testing regime for production products ensures a fully compliant and high quality unit with optimized performance for VSWR and Passive Intermodulation.

Aomyx are suppliers to many operators around the world and also manufacture ’white box’ for other RF companies.


Founded in 1993 and based in Hangzhou, China, Sunwave Communications is a State's Key High-tech Enterprise and Software Enterprise, providing professional wireless network products and network coverage solutions. It is the second private owned company in China to achieve the world's highest quality excellence TL9000 accreditation for its overall operations including sales, R&D, manufacturing and services.


Taking a customer-oriented approach in enhancing operators' network at competitive cost, Sunwave has been offering wireless network coverage and optimization solutions, widely deployed in buildings, residential areas, tunnels, rural or offshore areas, tourist resorts and along railways & highways especially in large public facilities like airports, subways, sport stadiums for GSM, DCS, CDMA, PHS, GSM-R, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA, as well as DVB broadcasting networks.

Sunwave has now become a leading supplier of wireless coverage  solutions in this ever-evolutionary industry and will continue to contribute to the new era featured by the third generation mobile communication & digital television networks by offering professional service and quality products to wireless network operators and system integrators.

Currently, more than twenty China Mobile and China Unicom provincial operators, Tsinghai-Tibet railway and Guangzhou Subway operators in China and customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia and Vietnam have adopted Sunwave products and solutions such as repeaters, passive components and DTV products.

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