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Elster - Instromet


Elster-Instromet is the Competent and Innovative Partner in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), integrated metering and utilization solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries.

Being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art gas measurement, regulatory and electronic systems, The Group offers both standard and customized engineering systems ranging from Industrial Turbine & Ultrasonic Meters to complete Pipeline Measurement, Modular Skids and Regulation Stations.

With over 20 manufacturing facilities, international sales offices as well as the extensive product range and technical support, Elster-Instromet is able to satisfy all the requirement of today’s global gas sector.  With continual research and development, The Group is also able to keep abreast of the ever-demanding requirements from the market at large.


* MTL MOST has been recently acquired by GE Fanuc.


MTL Instruments



The MTL Group is distinguished by its ability to offer complete solutions to a wide range of user problems. Best known for Surge Protection Devices for all electronic equipment such as, intrinsic safety barriers and isolators, The Group has in recent years, expanded into other areas of process control interfacing.

MTL has conceived and developed an entirely new generation of I/O Modules. The world's first genuine field-mounted Process I/O, MTL8000, does away with the need for conventional wiring and links directly to the control system* through high-speed field-bus.

Within the Group of Companies, MTL provides a complete system solution ranging from System Design & Development, Process Control & Instrumentation, Telemetry Systems, Network Application, Wireless Infrastructure as well as Testing & Commissioning

VALVITALIA is a leading group in the field of design, production, and overall supply of equipment and components intended for the petroleum, water, natural gas industries, and petrochemical industry as well as electrical power stations. The group works mainly with valves (core product), actuators, pipe fittings, flanges and systems for measuring, filtering, and regulating fluids and gases.

MVALVITALIA was set up with the precise objective of becoming the leading Italian group able to offer such a wide range of products and to compete with the large American multinationals that have always dominated this field. This young company has extensive experience in the sector, thanks to its professional management and historical brands in the valve world that have been taken on by the Group, including: ROTOR, DELTA V.E., THEVIGNOT, VANADOUR, VITAS, TORMENE T.G.T. and TECNOFORGE.

VALVITALIA has always included safety and respect for the environment and its employees among its priorities.
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